Peter O’Halloran & The Hired Men

Peter O’Halloran & The Hired Men

The Hired Men are a ragtag band of musicians cobbled together by Peter O’Halloran (from Boston music staple the Dogmatics). The band usually includes O’Halloran brothers Jimmy and Dan, as well as friends Johnny Coe, Marie Kettenring & J. Young.

The band has also had the honor of collaborating with additional artists, including various multi-generational members of the O’Halloran family, The Dogmatics, Tom ‘TK’ Keenan, Wynter Pingel, Dominic Spinzola, Kate Roper, Thomas Rose, Jed Chrysler, Stephen Fredette, and the late accordion virtuoso Gerry “Brickie” McNamara.

Since about 2008, they’ve been known to “practice in public” (see video) for audiences at venues of various shapes and sizes located in and around the greater Massachusetts area.

P.S. Our name is inspired, in part, by the poem The Death of the Hired Man by Robert Frost.

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Playing an incongruous mishmash of musical styles:

  • Irish / folksy
  • Cowboy / Jug Band
  • 5o’s  / Rockabilly
  • 3 Chord (punk) Rock
  • Original songs “and more!” MT

We perform around the Greater Boston Area & South Shore. See upcoming and past shows.

Some Poor Quality Live Videos! For more, check out this YouTube Playlist


Fireside for Paddy & ForPaddy Foundation

We’ve had the pleasure of playing at their past fundraising concerts. Find out more about their mission and fundraising activities, and consider attending an event or making a contribution.

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